Student Involvement

There are many ways for students to increase their levels of civic engagement:

  • Join the new American Democracy Project student organization! Here are the ways to sign up:
    - Become a Fan of our American Democracy Project MTSU Facebook page;
    - Become a Member of our American Democracy Project MTSU Facebook group;
    - Sign up to Request Info under the American Democracy Project on the MTSU ICS student organization system:
    • Visit the Student Organizations and Service website.
    • At the top, click on Student Organizations tab
    • On the left, click on Search for a Student Organization
    • On the left under Categories, click on Special Interest
    • Click on American Democracy Project
    • On the left, click on Request Info
    • Enter your M-number, and sign in there, and we’ll have your name and email address in our MTSU campus contact list!
  • Participate in annual American Democracy Project events, including Constitution Week in September and the Tennessee Collegiate Day at the Legislature in April.
  • Propose a cooperative event between your organization and the American Democracy Project. Use the "contact us" form to reach the ADP coordinators.

Email us at or check out the ADP Facebook page to get involved!