Dr. Ashley B. Morris
Assistant Professor


(615) 494-7621

1500 Greenland Drive
Davis Science Bldg 128
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Morris CV - Feb 2014

Research in our lab addresses ecological and evolutionary questions using genetic tools. Our projects span the fields of population genetics, phylogeography, and systematics. The greatest emphasis is placed on woody taxa with interesting geographic disjunctions and on species under threat due to anthropological disturbance or climate change. Another primary focus is detangling the forces that control frequency of clonality in woody plants. All of our work includes both field and lab work, and we use a variety of molecular tools. Feel free to look around and learn more about our lab.
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Recent News from our Lab

Summer 2014
  • We're moving! Our lab (along with the rest of our department) is moving into a brand new facility here at MTSU. We're all excited about the opportunities this will bring for us and our colleagues. Learn more about the new science building at MTSU.

  • Ashley Morris will be speaking about methods in plant phylogeography at Botany 2014 in Idaho. She is also part of the organizing committee for a full-day workshop on digitization of small collections co-sponsored by iDigBio, the North American Network of Small Herbaria (NANSH), and the Small Collections Network (SCNet).

  • Rayne Leonard was awarded an NSF EAPSI Fellowship to spend the summer in China! She is based in Beijing, where she is working in the lab of Dr. Zhiduan Chen in the Laboratory of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany at Beijing Institute of Botany. Rayne is continuing her thesis work on the systematics of basal angiosperm genus Illicium.
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