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                       Welcome to the MTSU Actuarial Math Student Association.  We are glad you have stopped by to visit.

                       AMSA of MTSU was established in the Fall of 2005.  Our mission is to create a better social and educational environment for actuarial students.  Some of the event we plan in order to achieve this are fundraisers to support other events, tailgate parties and movie nights, community service events, and student study sessions for upcoming actuarial exams.  To see what events we have planned, please visit our event calendar.

To see recent good news from our actuarial science students, please look at our Newsletters.

                       MTSU Actuarial Science Program offers BS, MS degrees, Please refer to the undergraduate catalog and graduate catalog for details correspondingly for your study in actuarial science program at MTSU:

Actuarial Science Concentration for BS study in Mathematics.
Actuarial and Financial Mathematics Concentration for MS study in Mathematics.
A newly developed Actuarial Science concentration in MSPS program at MTSU.

                       If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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