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                         Membership in AMSA in open to anyone who is interested in Actuarial Science.  Membership is restricted to currently enrolled MTSU students, faculty, and staff only.  We will not restrict membership to any person because of age, race, sex, religion, handicap, or national origin.  Membership due are $5.00 per semester, and they are collected at the beginning of each semester. 

                          If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact us at any time.

                          If you are a member, we are starting a resume book this year.  If we don't have your most recent resume, give it to us.  This is for your benefit.  We will be sending the resume book out to Nashville actuarial firms to help all of you get internships.  Dr. Hong is trying to setup a yearly internship position at a few Nashville firms.  This will guarantee one MTSU student an internship position each year.  We will send the firm our resume book, and they will decide which student they would like to have as an intern.  If your resume is standard or too normal, it will be overlooked.  Put something on your resume to make it stand out from everyone else's.  If you have research, other internships, or related jobs, make sure they are obvious on the resume.  We will publish the book no later than the last week in October, so make sure you get your resume in.

                          We also have t-shirts available.  If you would like a t-shirt, please let us know.


Members of 2006 - 2007

Matt Beech

Kearstin Chaffin

Xiaozheng Linda Chang* - Passed Exam P and FM

Dusty Gray

Robert Greenwood

Martin Griewahn

Rog Heller* - Passed Exam P

Andy Hill*

Melissa Hollins

Zol Hooper - Passed Exam P and FM

Tiffany Oneal Hunt

Rakia Jordan

Kazem Karimi* - Passed Exam P, FM, and M

Adam Niblet*

Dipti Natha - Passed Exam P and FM

Chance Phelps - Passed Exam P and FM

Jeremy Richardson

Samir Saad** - Passed Exam P and FM

Cole Turney

Jason Wix

* - Graduate Student

** - Faculty