Algebra Resources

Wednesday 13 January 2016 at 3:06 pm.

The first set of links correspond to the questions on Dr. Calahan's and Dr. Murdock's (faculty member of the MTSU Department of Mathematical Sciences) pre-assessment on algebra skills.  The videos listed have been selected to help students review each concept assessed by the quiz.
 Note:  In the Pathways class, students will need to be able to explain the concept of a function, the function's domain and the function's range.  
8) Solving Multi-Step Inequalities with Variables on Both Sides:  LINK
    Solving Quadratic Inequalities:  LINK
9) Rationalize the Denominator: LINK
    How to add and subtract square roots: LINK
If you are interested in seeing more instructional videos from the creators of the videos above, see the links below: