Calculus I - Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Friday 07 December 2012 at 1:51 pm.

Required Text: Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions, by Briggs & Cochran

You can see a picture of the cover of the hardback edition HERE at the publisher’s website.

You can check some current prices at the following links:

 Link to Custom Text (Phillip's Bookstore)     Link to Older Paperback (Amazon)      Link to Hard (Amazon)

Syllabus: You can get a PDF of the Fall 2013 syllabus HERE.

To find Exam Schedule for the current semester visit "Records and Scheduling" link on the MTSU homepage and then navigate to "Dates and Deadline".  This semester you will find

Our Quiz/Test Schedule for the Fall 2013 semester

Quiz 1, Wednesday, August 28. Trigonometry Quiz.  SAMPLE  (Here is a handout of trig identities.)
Quiz 2, Wednesday, Sep. 4
Quiz 3, Wednesday, Sep. 11  SAMPLE
Test 1, Wednesday, Sep. 18
Quiz 4, Wednesday, Sep. 25
Quiz 5-6, Wednesday, Oct. 2  "Double Quiz" 
Quiz 7, Wednesday, Oct. 9

Fall Break

Quiz 8, Wednesday, Oct. 16 
Test 2, Wednesday, Oct. 23 
Quiz 9, Wednesday, Oct. 30

Test 3, Wednesday, Nov. 6
Quiz 10, Wednesday, Nov. 13

Test 4, Wednesday, Nov. 20
Quiz 11, Wednesday, Nov. 27

Quiz 12-13, Wednesday, Dec. 4 "Double Quiz"

FINAL EXAM Friday, December 6, 10- 12 noon


Chapter 2   Limits

Rational Function ReWrite    Solns

Match rational functions with graphs  Worksheet

Chapter 3   Derivatives

Chapter 4  Applications of the Derivative

Increasing/ Decreasing/ Constant Functions Handout

Relating the graphs f(x), f'(x),f''(x)    Ex 1 Ex 2

Chapter 5  Integration