Precalculus - Spring 2013

Spring 2013

Monday 10 December 2012 at 2:54 pm.

Required Text: Precalculus: A unit circle approach, by Ratti & McWaters.

You can see a picture of the cover HERE at the publisher's website.

Syllabus:  You can get the PDF HERE

Required Online Component: MyMathlab (Pearson Publishing).

To register, click HERE.  Course ID: murdock04048

To find Exam Schedule for the current semester visit "Records and Scheduling" link on the MTSU homepage and then navigate to "Dates and Deadline".  This semester you will find

Class Time Exam day Exam time

MTWR  8:00-8:55 am

Wednesday, May 8

7:30 - 9:30 am

Practice problems and answers for the M1730 Departmental Final can be found here(Note:  Questions #19, 35 have flaws.  Ask your instructor about these two questions.)

Our Test Schedule for the current semester:

Test 1, Wednesday, Feb. 06, 2013
Test 2, Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013
Test 3, Wednesday, Mar. 06, 2013
Test 4, Wednesday, Apr. 03, 2013

Test 5, Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2013

Unit Circle templates on grid paper

Unit Circles Worksheet (3 blank circles on one page)

Unit Circle Flash Cards (Degrees)

Unit Circle "Fill-In" .pptx

Trigonometric Identities List version A