ET 4802 EMET Senior Design Project

Proposal Format

Time Table

Writing Guidelines



Valuable information regarding writing guidelines and technical report format can be found at the following sites. Students are strongly encouraged to consult these sites before submitting their proposals and the final report


Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Technology Students


Technical Report Format - detailed



The proposal for a senior project shall be 2-3 pages (plus a title page) in length consisting of the following sections:


Title page


Project Title (A Better Mousetrap)

Course Name (ET 4802 Project Proposal)


Student Name (or team members if team project)



Problem Statement


Introduce the problem to be solved by the project. Include any background

material necessary for understanding the problem. Reference any relevant

in this section. It is imperative that the scope of the project be placed

relative to the work of others Literature Search.


Project Objectives


Present the overall goals of the project. The goals must be measurable so that it

will be known when they have been achieved. There should be some interim

objectives that will be milestones in the schedule.


Proposed Plan of Action


List your initial plan on accomplishing the objectives, broken down into smaller

tasks. For team projects, identify clearly who is responsible for each task. Give a

tentative number of hours for each task. A detailed timetable should be

constructed for this purpose. Use Microsoft Project or other similar software

for this purpose. The timetable will also help the group or the individual to keep

track of time and resources.


Provide a schedule for completing the project with some milestones listed

between the start and end of a project, such as:


Design the device/circuit

Simulation/calculations completed

Layout system

Prototype system/board produced

Device/board tested

Project demonstration

Final report



Project Deliverables


List the items the project will produce to verify the objectives were met (report,

drawings, demonstrations, etc.)



Project Budget


Estimate the amount needed for supplies, prototype materials

Sources of funding

Any special equipment that may be required


Signature area for advisor, student



Time Table


Week 1: Meet your instructor to discuss the project.


Week 2 & 3: Study the feasibility of the project and turn in a project proposal.


Week 4 - 13: Design and build the project.

Meet the instructor at least once a week to discuss the progress.


Week 14: Complete and present the project.

Submit the final report.