Did you know... Many of our physics majors at MTSU transferred from the RIM Department or have strong musical interests. The picture on the left explains why.





Did you know...Einstein is not from Earth but actually hails from Sagittarius-X, a little known planet deep within the Sagittarius Constellation, full of Xtra smart humanoids.








Did you know... Elvis was sent to Mars to heal the Rover?






Did you know... Elvis's new "Las Vegas on Mars" show features throwing flaming torches at guest performer Moe Howard, with special appearances by Curly Howard as "The Man in The Moon"!






Did you know...We are offering a new course effective Fall 2005.
ALIEN 3040
Alien Autopsy / Brain Transplant




Did you know...Our departmental secretary hails from the Alpha Centauri System.





Ahoy, says Capn Ron

Arrrr maties. Come on board.

There's a new capn at the helm and The Physics Cruise Ship is about to leave port.

Ooo Wee. Ooo Wee baby. Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise.



Did you know... Our former Department Chair, Dr. Carlton, once worked for the CIA?

Our Faculty Emeritus

Dr. C. Howard

Physics? Why, soitenly...

Dr. M. Howard

Add mass to speed of light squared and stir vigorously...

Dr. L. Fine


Dr. S. Howard

Hey, Moe. What's E=mc2?

Dr. S. Crow

If I only had a brain.....


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A calm day at sea for our fearless captain…

Nessie spotted in the Boro…!!!

Uh-oh! Doo-DOO, doo-DOO, doo-DOO