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Baja SAE is a college engineering competition with the goal of building a single seat off-road recreational vehicle that is safe, fun to drive, easy to maintain, and has the ability to be mass produced and sold to the public. The Society of Automotive Engineers is overall organizer of this competition. Baja SAE gives thousands of college students from all over the world the chance to pull what they have been learning in the classroom into action. Baja SAE is not just for the engineering or mechanically inclined student. The competition is by design well rounded enough to include the skills and knowledge of all kinds of majors.

The 2009 Baja SAE season is be the BRB’s fifth season competing. BRB is just is one the student engineering projects in College of Basic and Applied Sciences at Middle Tennessee State University. The 2009 season means a completely new Baja that we are currently designing and will be starting construction soon. More information about our brand new car can be found on the 2009 BRB Blue Machine page under the BRB Models heading in the menu at the top of this page.

Please feel free to email us any questions you have about the team or our Baja’s.

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