2nd Quarter 2012

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Top Service Exporters

Williamson $402
Rutherford $348
Sullivan $282

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County-Level Activity

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Service Exports

State-level service exports were estimated at $8.3 billion for 2010. Since many expect America's export growth to be concentrated in services, we might end by taking a moment to look at the pattern of the state's county-level service exports.

Service exports are far more concentrated than those of goods. Six counties account for more than half of Tennessee service exports. Twenty-two counties had service exports of more than $1,000 per resident in 2010. They were led by Davidson County ($2,417). Williamson ($2,194) was right behind, with Anderson County nearly hitting the $2,000 benchmark (at $1,987).

The state pattern here is obvious, with the major metro counties being joined by the service-intensive economies of Oak Ridge and Williamson County, counties with a strong educational presence (Putnam, notably), and the tourist-centered counties of East Tennessee, led by Sevier. (Tourism is considered a service, and money spent by foreign tourists is considered a "service export"!)

This brief survey shows quite varied county export performances across the state. However, we see patterns linked to industry location and metro status. We will further examine them in our next issues by looking at county exports in the context of their total economic activity and over longer periods of time.

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