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Expanding Exports

by Steven G. Livingston | complete text

Can Tennessee Double Its Exports?

In this year's State of the Union Address, President Obama announced a National Export Initiative to double American exports over the next five years. He claimed that this could add two million jobs to the American economy. The President appointed an Export Council, headed by the CEOs of Boeing and Xerox, to advise him on meeting this goal. Its first progress report was filed this summer. From a Tennessee perspective, could this state actually double its exports over this period? And what would be the impact if it did?

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Tennessee International Trade Report

Exports returned to the levels of before the great global crash of 2008.

State exports surged to $6.4 billion in the 2nd quarter, nearly a billion-dollar gain from a year ago. It was the best second quarter in the state's history.

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2nd Quarter 2010

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