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Fall 1996 - Volume 2, No. 2

Tennessee Trade in Comparative Perspective

Tennessee's exporters have prospered over last several years, with the state as a whole posting one of the strongest export growth rates in the nation. The accompanying charts compare the annual growth rates of state exports to overall American export growth. We also look at the growth in sales of Tennessee's major export, transporation equipment, and to Tennessee's largest market, Canada. As you can see, Tennessee has generally bettered the national rate of export growth. Further confirmation of the state's exporting success: Tennessee compiled the sixth fastest rate of export growth of any American state during the years 1993-1995, expanding exports by 53.8 percent, as shown in the graph below.

Transportation Exports (% change)            Exports to Canada (% change)

Chemical Exports (% change)            Exports to the EU (% change)

Export Growth: Top Ten American States, 1993-95

(from the International Trade Administration)

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