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Fall 1996 - Volume 2, No. 2

MTSU College of Business Wins Major International Grant

The College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University has been awarded a Business and International Education Grant from the United States Department of Education. The grant, entitled ENHANCING INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC UNDERSTANDING AND ENTERPRISE IN TENNESSEE, is for a period of two years and totals approximately $175,000 which is matched by resources from the University. This grant continues and expands the work accomplished with previous grants from the USDOE under the same program. BellSouth-Tennessee, Ambassador Joe M. Rodgers (holder of the Jennings A. Jones Chair of Excellence in Free Enterprise), and the World Trade Council of Middle Tennessee are partners in this grant.

The grant calls for six specific activities:

1. Providing Faculty Fellowships in International Business for MTSU faculty to enhance their skills and perspectives concerning international business.

2. Establishing Student Internships in International Business to afford students at MTSU an opportunity to gain first hand experience in the global economy.

3. Developing a Global Business Institute for Tennessee college students.

4. Developing a Certificate in International Business Studies program

5. Establishing an International Business Conference

6. Expanding the international trade database and this newsletter.

These six activities will increase skills in international commerce, make the public more aware of the international component of our economy, create linkages with other schools, and utilize the facilities of MTSU to assist businesses with manpower and information needs. The grant will also assist nontraditional, mid-career, part-time, and non-degree students interested in international commerce.

Project Directors are Dr. Jim Burton, Assistant Dean for Conferences and External Relations and Dr. Reuben Kyle, Director of the Business and Economic Research Center.

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