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Summer 1995 - Volume 1, No. 1

Editor's Introduction

With exports growing at better than 15% a year - 1994 exports alone topped 7 billion dollars, over 400 foreign owned plants in operation, the increasing reliance of many of the state's largest service sectors on overseas sales, and growing numbers of overseas tourists, Tennessee is today more deeply involved in the international economy than most of us realize. Much of the state's future growth and economic prosperity will depend on foreign markets, trends, and activities. Global Commerce aims to meet the need for information about Tennessee's developing links with the global economy.

Global Commerce will offer regular, detailed coverage of Tennessee's trade and foreign investment flows, as well as features on global economic issues which specifically involve Tennessee and its businesses. We believe you will find this newsletter timely and informative, a useful aid to understanding the impact, opportunities, and problems of Tennessee's global interdependence. We welcome your feedback! Let us know what sorts of additional information you would like to see reported, and areas of research that you would find particularly useful.

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