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Summer 1996 - Volume 2, No. 1

1994 Tennessee Exports by Metro Area

A recently released study by the International Trade Administration offers more evidence of the breadth of Tennessee's recent export growth. International sales are not limited to one city or one area of the state; all parts of Tennessee are reporting rising exports. As the accompanying table shows, exports are becoming an increasingly important part of the economy in every one of the state's metropolitan areas. In fact it may surprise many to note that it is the Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol area which may actually be the most export intensive part of the state: 1994 exports amounted to over $3500 per person in the Tri-Cities.

Tennessee Exports by Metro Area

Note: Data is from the Census Bureau's Location of Exporter series, this series likely overstates exports from major ports and understates exports from other areas. Data for Clarksville is not available from the ITA, it is a BERC estimate.

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