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Winter 1996 - Volume 1, No. 3

Editor's Note on Project International Case Studies

An important part of Project International, the internationalization of the MTSU College of Business programs and activities, is the production and compilation of a series of case-studies on the experiences of Tennessee businesses as they "go international." These studies, authored by professors in the College of Business, cover many of the topics and concerns which have confronted local firms doing business overseas. The cases will be extensively used in MTSU's international business and economics courses, providing students the opportunity to learn from real-life Tennessee examples and to gain a more practical understanding of global business. In this issue of Global Commerce we are delighted to present an abridged version of one of these case-studies, Professor Lara Short's examination of J.W. Gallagher and Son's discovery that a Japanese firm was selling unauthorized copies of its guitars. Overseas trademark violations are an Achilles heel for many U.S. exporters. Over $80 billion in counterfeit U.S. goods are being sold world wide every year. This is a major concern for big companies, such as Reebok and Levi Strauss, but the problem is just as serious for the smaller exporter, as Professor Short demonstrates in this interesting case.

Project International is supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

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