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Winter 1996 - Volume 1, No. 3

Tennessee International Trade Report
3rd Quarter 1995

The state's exports continued to grow through the third quarter, but there are some silver threads among the gold. At $2.09 billion, third quarter exports gained 3.7% from last year, but fell some $250 million from the second quarter. Transportation equipment, resuming its place as the state's largest export sector, continued its healthy growth, but just below it, the Chemical, Industrial Machinery, and Electrical Equipment industries all posted export declines from a year ago. The forestry and livestock sectors were this quarters biggest gainers. Canada, the European Union, and Japan continued to account for the vast majority of the state's exports. Exports to Canada soared, making up for a lackluster performance in East Asia. There were healthy gains in a number of emerging markets. Pakistan must be singled out; for the third consecutive quarter it was one of the most dynamic Tennessee export markets. Latin America was schizophrenic: Bolivia grew faster than other significant market, and Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, and Venezuela also showed robust growth. But Colombia, Honduras, and Argentina were three of the worst performing markets for Tennessean's this past quarter.

The fourth quarter has started out strong, with October exports up 13% from a year ago.

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