4th Quarter 2011

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Most New Foreign-Owned Firms:

Davidson 28
Rutherford 25
Sumner 16
Madison 12
Anderson 11
Sullivan 10

Foreign Investment

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These patterns in foreign investment activity are not new, but as the following map of new foreign-owned firms shows, they are being reinforced. West Tennessee, Appalachian east Tennessee and much of the Cumberland Plateau regions actually have fewer foreign firms than they did in the 1990s. The counties attracting the most new investment are disproportionately in the Nashville and Knoxville metro areas.

A map using employment in foreign-owned firms produces a similar view, though we see more employment growth in the Chattanooga to Knoxville corridor. Generally the most substantial foreign-owned employment is found in those counties with a significant automotive industry. The chemical sector falls immediately behind this.

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1995-2010: New Foreign Direct Investment Weighted by Economic Size of County


New Foreign Firms /Total 1995 Firms

percent of foreign-born population 2005-2009

New FDI Employment / 1995 Total Employment

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