1st Quarter 2011

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Tennessee Exporter Locations

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We can summarize the distribution of state exporting with two maps. The first shows the percentage of manufacturing establishments that export across Tennessee. The second shows the percentage of total manufacturing employment that is in these exporting firms. The maps reinforce the patterns noted above. Tennessee has three noticeable export regions. The first is in the northeast of the state, centered around the Tri-Cities. The second region is the I-75 corridor from Chattanooga to Knoxville, and the third includes the south and southeastern portions of the Nashville MSA. The less export-intensive regions include the northwest part of the state along with the Cumberland Plateau and many of the counties on the Kentucky border.

Tennessee thus shows several variegated patterns in its export activity. Because exporting is associated with both flourishing firms and a flourishing local economy, these patterns are worth investigating further.

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