2nd Quarter 2014

AUBER Award of Excellence
in Electronic Publications

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Estimating Tennessee Exports
in the Face of "Port Bias"

Are Tennessee companies exporting more
(or less) than their national peers?

Exporting takes on new importance in a time of low economic growth such as we face today. We would like as much exporting activity as possible. How do we judge if that's happening? How can we tell if firms are exporting "as much as they should?" There is evidently no single way to do this. For a state economy, we can at least compare how local industries are faring against the national average. Economies that feature significant "under-exporting" are, in a way, underachievers. [more »]

International Trade Report

Tennessee exporters had a solid second quarter. State exports were up 6.1% from the previous year to $8.45 billion. This ranked 19th among state performances and well above America's overall 3.3% export growth. [more »]

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