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Summary Itemizes 2011 Impact

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The Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC), a network of 17 locations headquartered at Middle Tennessee State University, has been serving Tennessee businesses since 1984. The network's mission is to enhance economic development in Tennessee by providing quality solutions to the existing and potential small business community through consultation, education, referral, and support services.


  • The TSBDC Assisted 20,859 Businesses in 2011 with counseling and training.
  • TSBDC counseled 5,267 clients in 2011 during more than 19,942 hours of counseling.
  • TSBDC offered 917 training sessions with a total of 15,592 attendees.
  • TSBDC created 886 jobs and retained more than 1,025.
  • TSBDC capital infusion for year 2011 was $53,364,770.1
  • Benefits to cost ratio for all counseling clients is 3.44/1.00.
  • Benefits to cost ratio for all long term counseling to established business clients is 5.66/1.00.
  • TSBDC trained 15,592 people in small business related subjects.
  • Minority business owners represent over 36% of TSBDC counseling clients.
  • Female business owners represent 47% of TSBDC counseling clients.
  • TSBDC served 547 veterans in 2011. Veteran business owners represent 10% of TSBDC clients. In addition TSBDC counseled 122 members on active duty or in the Guard or Reserves.
  • TSBDC clients generated $30 million in incremental sales.2
  • TSBDC clients retained $34.9 million in existing sales.2
Estimated State Unemployment Benefits Saved 2008-3Q20113
  • Average Tennessee unemployment claim duration: 15 weeks4
  • Average Tennessee unemployment benefit: $224.73/week4
  • TSBDC jobs created 2008 - Q3 2011: 3,6155
  • TSBDC jobs retained 2008 - Q3 2011: 3,6925
  • Estimated state unemployment benefits saved: $25,726,113.756
    = (Avg. weeks of duration) * ( Avg. benefit $ per week) * (TSBDC jobs created and retained)

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* Patrick Geho is the state executive director of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center and an associate professor in MTSU's Department of Business Communication and Entrepreneurship.
1. Small Business Jobs Act and Core SBA-SBDC Programs
2. All state research data is from James A. Chrisman, Ph.D.,
Economic Impact of Small Business Development Center Counseling Activities in Tennessee.
3. Q4 2011 not reported due to U.S. BLS report not being released by publication date
4. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Division of Fiscal and Actuarial Services
5. TSBDC CIC (client-verified data)
6. Significant assumption: All jobs created and retained would have otherwise been receiving unemployment benefits.



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