This award winning and acclaimed nightmare comedy is about an Everyman trying to survive in a surreal paper-choked bureaucratic society.  Jonathan Pryce stars with great supporting roles by Robert DeNiro, Michael Palin, Catherine Helmond, Kim Greist, Bob Hoskins and others.  Terry Gilliam directed it and co-wrote the screenplay.


In this surrealistic nightmare vision of a “perfect” future, technology reigns supreme.  Everyone is monitored by a secret government agency that forbids love to interfere with efficiency.   When you are ready to really stretch your mind, to become more open to what is going wrong in modern society, then go see this film.  After 20 years it is still as fresh as ever.


Terrorists have been resisting the government for over 13 years.


At the end the hero escapes into his dreams…the only place the evil government cannot follow him.


Mind you, terrorism is NOT the way to go!  However, sometimes we have to take direct and even drastic action to stop evil.  Who decides when it is time to take such action?  Who defines “evil” and who determines what is and who are “evil” and what measures in response to “evil” are appropriate?  Although our government quickly brands others as evil and terrorists, cannot others understandably see our government as evil and in need of drastic change?


When, if ever, can you justify your means with a good end?  When a government is daily justifying their means by what they claim are good ends but which are debatable ends, does this increase the need for a drastic response?


Did Jesus Christ and other spiritual leaders vigorously and even drastically resist evil governments and corrupt institutions and individuals?