Leah Hager Cohen wrote a book entitled "Glass, Paper, Beans: Revelations on the nature and value of ordinary things" (Doubleday: N.Y.: 1997).  In her book she reflects upon these three things---glass, paper, beans---as she reads her paper in the coffee shop and drinks from her glass.  Originally, glass was the result of volcanoes and lightening and meteorites.  Paper was first created by paper wasps.  Coffee beans are for me the most interesting of the three, perhaps because I have never used this beverage except for one period in my life when it was the only beverage available---in prison I could either drink coffee or drink nothing…so I drank coffee.


Coffee has long been linked to the exploitation of workers.  It was land barons who stole the land from the peasants and grew the coffee.  (Which is a good reason to buy Aztec Harvests Coffee which is organic and coop grown.)  It was industrial giants who needed workers to stay alert for 10, 12, 18 hour shifts six days a week who promoted the habit of coffee.


Why do you drink it?  If you tell me that it is simply because you like the taste, sorry, I do not find that to be a compelling response to the question.  Take a careful look…why are you addicted to the caffeine? 


Life is always a struggle to get to know yourself.   So….begin the struggle!