Jack Lemmon


Jack Lemmon was 76 when he died of cancer in 2001.  With him at bedside were his wife, Felicia, two children and a stepdaughter.


His movie roles included The Apartment, Some Like it Hot, Days of Wine and Roses, The Odd Couple, Glengarry Glen Ross, Long Day's Journey into Night, The China Syndrome, The Front Page, Mister Roberts, Missing, and Save the Tiger.  He starred in a number of films with Walter Matthau who died in 2000.  His movie career was more than 40 years long.  He could handle just about any type of role from comedy to drama.  He often played a person who was struggling to do the right thing and was often viewed both on the screen and in real life as a decent human being.


He won two Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe and also was nominated for the Tony Award twice.


Sometimes good people don't finish last!  You can be a decent human being and live a full and successful life.  The people who ran Enron apparently never understood this and a lot of others in our society need to be reminded that excellent role models, like Jack Lemmon, do exist. 


Who are your role models?  We all have role models either on a conscious or unconscious level.  If you are unaware of who your role models are, then you need to increase your awareness.  You should try to avoid being ignorant about the forces that influence your behavior.