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Trapped in Silence


This film came out in 1986 and stars Kiefer Sutherland and Marsha Mason.

As a young boy, the Sutherland character was abused and stops speaking to protect himself mentally and physically.  It is directed by Michael Tuchner.  Ron Silver has a supporting role.


This low budget film did not receive the acclaim that I feel that it deserves because most reviewers did not appreciate all the lessons the film teaches.


Pay attention to how the boy is treated by others who are supposedly there to help him.


How might we ensure that, the systems we develop to help people, don't turn out to be part of the problem, rather than part of the solution?




The Perforated Spirit     by     Morris Bishop


The fellows up in Personnel,

  They have a set of cards on me.

The sprinkled perforations tell

  My individuality.


And what am I?  I am a chart

  Upon the cards of IBM;

The secret places of the heart

  Have little secrecy for them.


It matters not how I may prate,

  They punch with punishments my scroll.

The files are masters of my fate,

  They are the captains of my soul.


Monday my brain began to buzz;

  I was in agony all night.

I found out what the trouble was:

  They had my paper clip too tight.

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