What if…..???


Humans started out as hunters and gatherers.  Over time we learned how to grow plants and became farmers.  This, in turn, led to our need to control our access to water and we became involved in irrigation projects.  As we learned to thus control a part of our environment, this helped stabilize our living arrangements.  This led to our developing villages and towns.  We also learned to fertilize our crops and thus increase the yield.


Similar stories can be told about how we learned to eat raw foods to learning about fire to understanding how to create fire to eventually making candles and oil lamps to electricity and to the exploitation of oil to run our cars.


Now most of us see this as progress.  We do it one way, we learn to improve upon that way, we sometimes make huge leaps or simply small incremental changes and progress is the ever-changing result.  Few of us are prepared to return to a cold cave and become hunters and gatherers again.  Turning back the clock isn’t seen as a viable alternative except by the likes of the Unabomber.


So…..now that that same line of reasoning and apply it to religion.  The Jews recognized that their way of seeing God was superior to that of idolaters.  Christians came along, who were Jews at least at first, and saw Christ’s message as an improvement.  What would the world have been like if all Jews had simply acknowledged this as an improvement---as progress.  Wow, think of all the suffering and problems that would have avoided!   Just stop and think about that for a moment.


Now, six hundred years after Christ, along comes Mohammed.  He doesn’t want to discard the teachings of Judaism or Christianity.  He, like Christ before him, wants to improve on the model.  He tells us that there is no God but God---we must pray to him five times a day.  This is a very important improvement!  One of the problems with our spiritual development is that we get distracted by the events of the day, by the pressures of earning a living and caring for our family.  Those events are important, however, if we get caught up in only focusing on them, then we tend to lose sight of God.  Mohammed recognized this and improved the model.  What would the world have been like if we all had accepted his improvement?  Those who believe in the Islamic faith are right now saying: “Yeah!”  But, I’m not finished because another prophet came along and improved on the model once again and created the Bahai faith. 


What if…..???   What if we treated our spiritual growth the same way we treated our progress in farming and energy development???  What would the world look like today???


I’m not telling you what you should or should not believe.  I’m just posing an interesting question.   What if….???