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Defending Your Life


This 1991 comedy is written by, stars, and is directed by Albert Brooks.  The female lead is played by Meryl Streep.  It is Brooks' cock-eyed way of looking at the world after you die.  In Judgment City, where everyone goes after death, past lives are examined and judged.  If you were a good enough person, then you get to stay in heaven.  If not, it's back to earth for another go-round. 


112 minutes.




549    by    Rumi


We take long trips.

We puzzle over the meaning of a painting or a book,

when what we're wanting to see and understand

In this world, we ARE that.



2196    by    Rumi


You're song,

A wished-for song.


Go through the ear to the center,

where sky is, where wind, where

silent knowing.


Put seeds and cover them. 


Blades will sprout

where you do your work.




Driving to Town Late to Mail a Letter    by    Robert Bly


It is a cold and snowy night.  The main street is deserted.

The only things moving are swirls of snow.

As I lift the mailbox door. I feel its cold iron.

There is a privacy I love in this snowy night.

Driving around, I will waste more time.

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