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The disappearance of a young girl leads a devoutly religious Scottish policeman to an island whose denizens practice bizarre pagan sexual rituals.  An example of occult horror that achieves its mounting terror without gratuitous gore.  The first original screenplay by playwright Shaffer.


Directed by Robin Hardy.  Stars Edward Woodward as the policeman.


Other screenplays by Anthony Shaffer include: Death on the Nile, Evil under the Sun, and Appointment with Death.


Other movies starring Woodward include: Breaker Morant, Gulliver's Travels, Champions, and Mister Johnson.  (I strongly recommend Breaker Morant to you!)





What is Life?     By      Robert Olson


Life is a challenge---meet it

Life is a gift---accept it

Life is an adventure---dare it

Life is a sorrow---overcome it

Life is a tragedy---face it

Life is a duty---perform it

Life is a game---play it

Life is a mystery---unfold it

Life is a song---sing it

Life is an opportunity---take it

Life is a journey---begin it

Life is a promise---fulfill it

Life is a beauty---praise it

Life is a struggle---fight it

Life is a goal---achieve it

Life is a puzzle---solve it

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