Foster Care


Foster care is sometimes worse than no care!  TIME investigated the foster care system in the United States for over a year and made it the cover story for their November 13, 2000 edition.  The story spells out a very sad state of affairs.  Social workers have been aware of this problem for at least the past 40 years.  But, it has dramatically worsened in the past five years as the numbers have grown. 


"Five years ago, there were about a quarter of a million children in the country's foster-care systems.  Today that number has doubled, to between 550,000 and 560,000 children.  Often these are held hostage to abuse and neglect, to bureaucratic foulups and carelessness, condemned to futures in which dreams cannot come true" (p. 74).


"Nobody bothers to keep an accurate count, but in round numbers, more than 7,500 children are tortured under what is technically government protection" (p. 75).


"It costs at least $7 billion a year, or abouit$13,000 a child, to care for America's foster kids" (pp. 76-6).


Thus, we spend billions damaging our children!


Thus, we spend billions creating children who will end up costing us more billions in our court, welfare, and mental health systems!


Thus, we create mitigating circumstances for those who end up as murderers!