As is clear from the historical record, the jury is more important than any other element of the trial: more important than the facts---because it is the jury that interprets the facts and decides which of them to believe; more important than the eloquence or logical presentation or the prosecution or the defense attorneys---because the jury decides whether or not they like these individuals and whether or not they can trust them; more important than the judge, than the witnesses, than the forensic evidence, than anything!


Now every jury is unique, so it is impossible to state with surety what is the best way to win the support of a jury.  However, clearly, one of the best ways of winning over any audience is through humor.


Telling jokes; however, is not in your best interest.  The attorney does not want to be seen as a comedian.  But, if you can bring humor to bear in making a point, then it can underline that point and help to effectively implant it in the minds of the jury.  The jury always has more evidence to consider than they can possibly remember……..!


In a trial where the police have tried to get a confession out of someone related to the case and they have failed; the following might be a useful way of bringing humor into the presentation.  Police in Radnor, PA, interrogated a suspect by placing a metal colander on his head and connecting it with wires  (since some members, most likely the males, might not know what a colander is, you should consider having one to display).  The wires led to a copy machine where the police had earlier placed a message of "He's Lying!" in the machine.  Each time they asked a question where they thought the suspect was lying, the pressed the print button and out came the "He's Lying!" message.  Believing the "lie detector" was working, the suspect confessed.


The point is that it's is relatively easy to get a confession out of an unsophisticated guilty person.  This can drive home the idea that your client or someone related to the case didn't confess because they are innocent.