"Every few weeks for six years, Michael McDermott drove up to an hour to Dedham, Mass., to donate blood platelets.  He went to the Red Cross there because it was the only one in the area with the equipment required for the involved procedure---which takes two hours, about twice as long as ordinary blood donation.  McDermott gave voluntarily, receiving no payment in return.  On the lower right of his car's rear bumper, he pasted a sticker:  Give Blood."


What a sweet guy!  I wish our society had more giving people like Mike!


The morning after Christmas, McDermott, 42, went to work with an AK-47 assault rifle, shotgun and semiautomatic pistol.  He then shot to death seven of his colleagues. 


Hey!  What happened?


"The second of Richard and Rosemary Martinez's four children, McDermott exchanged his Hispanic surname for a slight variation on his middle one (McDermod) in 1980, four years after he joined the Navy.  He served on the nuclear submarine U.S.S. Narwhal, an assignment that required rigorous psychological screening.  However, says Bruce Joy, one of his crewmates, 'when somebody violated his personal space and got too close to him he responded by sneezing directly in the guy's face.'  Even so, says Joy; 'in the bizarre world of the submarine community there was nothing that would suggest that he would do what he did.'  McDermott worked as a nuclear-reactor operator at the Maine Yankee plant after leaving the Navy but abandoned the highly specialized job after six years of training, just when it should have begun paying dividends.  It is unclear what he did for the next few years, but he eventually joined the Duracell company and married a childhood sweetheart, Monica Sheehan.  McDermott summed up that experience in 1997 on a website for Narwhal veterans. 'Well, I came back to the land of my youth and married a childhood friend.  Lasted three and a half years before she split.'  His wife moved away to a Chicago suburb.  In the meantime, the man who had met the strict weight limits to work on a sub ballooned to 350 pounds."


A relative that couldn't pronounce his name called him "Mucko" and it stuck.


"Only last August, a man named Michael McDermott who used the handle 'Mucko' was preaching peace in an Internet discussion about explosives.  He reprimanded someone looking to by land mines: 'It would seem that some 'Christians' have forgotten the Sixth Commandment.  It is hard to imagine Jesus resorting to land mines.'  The commandment I Thou Shalt Not Kill."


(Source: TIME, January 8, 2001, pp. 38-39.)