The follow are excerpts for The Tennessean, August 9, 2001  Mary Hance Staff Writer
What your mother never told you about college
Going away to college can be an anxious time. And anyone  experiencing it for the first time can always use some friendly advice from people who have survived it.

We've put together tips from a variety of ''expert'' sources, including area college students who were more than willing to share some of the things they wish someone had told them before they packed up and headed out to life on their own

Gayle Walters, University of North Florida:

Srijaya Reddy of Brentwood, recent Emory University graduate: Sarah Snyder, junior nursing major at Belmont University: Shelby Lloyd of Goodlettsville, Winthrop University: Jamie Justice of Springfield, University of Tennessee Knoxville: Naoko Fukushima of Murfreesboro, law student: Tomarrow Molsberry of Dickson, Austin Peay University: These tips come from Bed Bath and Beyond:
  Classroom clues from Been There, Should've Done That II Another place to look is, a college-oriented Web site, where advice includes:

These tips were featured in an article by Jen Miller in The Minaret, a campus newspaper at the University of Tampa.

Check out This Web site is packed with advice. You'll find tips on getting organized, on developing good study skills, on finding a good study spot and on figuring out professors. And that's just for starters.

Mary Hance is a staff writer and columnist for The Tennessean

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