Medieval Feasting

Laura E. Cochrane
Assistant Professor of Art History
Middle Tennessee State University
Department of Art

Office: Todd 343C; Mailbox: 0025
Office hours: Mon./Wed. 3:45-4:30; Tues.: 2:30-4:45; and by appointment

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ART 1920: Survey of Western Art: Ancient and Medieval | syllabus
ART 3760: Romanesque and Gothic Art | syllabus
ART 3840: Islamic Art | syllabus
ART 3850: Early Medieval Art | syllabus
ART 3860: Northern Renaissance Art | syllabus
ART 3910: Italian Renaissance Art | syllabus
ART 3940: Art History Methods | syllabus
ART 3960: Art History of the Book | syllabus
ART 4860: Design History | syllabus
KIIS Istanbul: Byzantine Art | syllabus
KIIS Istanbul: Ottoman Art | syllabus

Early medieval art, especially Anglo-Saxon and Carolingian manuscripts. Recent work includes a dissertation titled"'Where There Is No Time': The Quadrivium and Images of Eternity in Three Eleventh-Century Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts" (2009) and an article, "'The Wine in the Vines and The Foliage in the Roots': Representaitons of David in the Durham Cassiodorus," Studies in Iconography 28 (2007), pp. 25-52.