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The Computer Science Department supervises labs located in adjacent rooms on two floors in the Kirskey Old Main Building -- KOM 252, KOM 267, KOM 351, KOM 350, and KOM 360.The entrance to the third floor labs is through KOM 351; the entrance to the second floor labs is through 267. The other rooms each have an emergency exit. The labs in KOM 252 and KOM 351 are open for general student use during all open hours. The labs in KOM 267, 350 and 360 are available for general student use except when reserved for a laboratory class. Reserved times can be checked in the Computer Science Department Office in KOM 306. The lab's phone number is 898-2144.

There are over 160 computers and 7 printers available to students.

In KOM 351 there are

In KOM 350 there are

In KOM 360 there are

In KOM 252 there are

In KOM 267 there are

Installed on each IBM compatible PC running Microsoft Vista is Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Visual Studio .NET. Some machines may have additional software installed to meet the demands of a particular class. Each lab computer has a CD-ROM drive.

The Scanner PC runs Windows and the appropriate software used to capture images from the Hewlett-Packard Scanjet scanner.

Each Linux box is an Intel hardware platform currently running an up-to-date version of Ubunta. These computers feature 18" LCD monitors and CD-ROM drives. PCs running Linux are available via the network. In addition, a linux machine with 2 quad core prccessors and 16 Gb of memory is available via the network; this machine is capable of hosting more than 30 simultaneous linux users.

All the computers in the labs are connected by gigabit ethernet circuits to the campus network as a whole, including the HP-9000 V2200 campus server,, which runs HP-UX 11.0, accessible via telnet or remote X-Windows.

Three servers dedicated to running Windows terminal services are also available over the network. Using remote desktop, a student can connect to one of these servers and get a desktop and software which is almost the same as on the general lab PCs. These servers run on hardware similar to the linux machine described above, and support over 90 simultaneous connections. These services are offered as a part of the Computer Science Department's continued commitment to push the boundaries of remote access computing. A student with a good broadband connection at home should be able to do most homework assignments remotely.

Each printer can be accessed from any room, however computers are set up to print to cs351 in KOM 351, cs350 in KOM 350, and cs360 in KOM 360 for Windows and Linux print jobs. Print jobs from the campus server will be printed on csp1.

In addition to the equipment described above, there are about 20 various servers and PCs operating "behind the scenes" which control all this equipment and offer additional services.

The department also operates a beowulf cluster which consists of 30 computers with a total of 39 processors. These machines run Linux, and are used by our classes in parallel processing and for some research projects.

A worker, usually a Computer Science student, will be in the lab during all to assist in using the computers. The lab worker is not responsible for helping students in their programming assignments. The phone number for the help desk is 898-2144. Any student interested in becoming a lab worker should apply in the Compter Science Department Office in KOM 306.

Hours of Operation

The operating hours during fall and spring semesters are

Monday through Thursday 7:30 AM to 9:15 PM
Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Saturday closed
Sunday closed

Hours may be extended in the latter weeks of the semester to meet the demand of student projects.

The operating hours during summer session I vary. During summer 2007 they were:

Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to noon

The operating hours during summer sessions II, III, and IV for 2007 were

Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

The lab is closed during finals week and the following holiday breaks: Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Semester Break, and Spring Break.


  1. Do not bring food or drinks into the lab. Even sealed containers have a chance of leaking.
  2. Do not play computer games in the laboratory.
  3. Do not display obscene pictures.
  4. Do not scan obscene pictures.
  5. Do not copy proprietary software to or from MTSU computers.
  6. Do not interfere with other people's computer work.
  7. Do not snoop around in other people's files.
  8. Do not use other people's computer accounts.
  9. Do not lock the workstations.
  10. Always use a computer in ways that insure consideration and respect for your fellow human beings, including lab workers, faculty, and staff.
  11. The computer lab is not responsible for problems caused by computer viruses, improper use of the equipment, or loss of data due to equipment malfunction or any other reason, nor are we responsible for any work or sessions left unattended.
  12. The computer lab is not responsible for any items left in the computer lab. This includes student ID cards, books, personal items, papers, etc.
  13. You will be asked to leave the lab if you break any of the above rules.
  14. If you are unsure about any policy or usage of a computer or software application, please ask the lab worker on duty.

MTSU Computer Policies, Procedures, and Ethics


When are computers available?
Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis during all open hours.

Where can I get an account to use the campus server?
Accounts are supplied free to students and faculty and can be setup in the Information Technology Division office in the basement of Cope Administration Building.

Can I install programs of my own on the workstations?
No. No software may be copied to or from any PC without special permission from the Lab Director or Department Chairperson.

Can I copy programs on the workstations and take them home to use on my own computer?
No. Under no circumstances will software piracy be condoned. However, the Computer Science Department has a license with Microsoft that may permit you to install certain software on your home computer. Contact the departmental office (KOM 306) for more information.

What kind of media does each machine use?
Most PCs still have 3.5 inch floppy disk drives for the storage of data, but this technology is rapidly becoming obsolete. We highly recommend that each student purchase a USB flash drive for personal data storage..

Can I listen to music in the lab?
Yes. All PCs have internal CD-ROM drives capable of playing audio compact discs. One is permitted to bring music CDs and personal headphones to listen to music provided that it does not disturb or interfere with others or the equipment. Note that no speakers are attached to general use systems in the lab due to the risk of loud interference to others. Headphones are not provied by the lab, you must bring your own.

I want to be a lab worker. Where to I sign up?
Application forms are availble in the Computer Science Department Office in KOM 306.


Report Machine Problems


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