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University Seminar 1010 is a three-credit course especially designed to make your college career successful. We offer over 70 sections of University 1010 throughout the year, scheduled throughout the day and in the evenings to help new students appreciate the value of a higher education, learn about the numerous campus resources available to them, clarify their career goals, and refine their academic and social skills required to be successful. In short, the goal of University 1010 is to help students become successful graduates. We strongly urge you to take this course your first semester. Students with more than 24 hours are not eligible to enroll in this course.

University Seminar 1010 is a course designed to ease the transition into college for honor students, students taking developmental studies courses, traditional and non-traditional students: it's for all students. Faculty, staff, and administrators that represent all areas and disciplines of the Middle Tennessee State University family teach University Seminar 1010. They are especially chosen to teach the course because they are not only excellent classroom teachers, but they are also committed to working with first-year students.

  • All students who have not declared an academic major are required to take U1010.
  • Classes are small: approximately 20-25 students

A link to more information about University Seminar will be available at the end of the Pre-CUSTOMS program.


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