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Albert E. DePrince, Jr.

Professor of Economics and Finance

Courses Access to the syllabus and outline for courses that I regularly teach.
Info-Base Access to selected economic and financial data, press releases, data sources, information sources, trade associations, and regulatory guidelines in the areas of Economics and Finance.
Economic/Financial Databases Access to monthly and quarterly economic/financial indicators for the U.S. as well as selected international data.
The State of the Economy and Prospects for Tax Revenue in Tennessee Access to my forecasts of the U.S. economy with its implications for state revenue collections, as presented to the State Funding Board, State Capitol, Nashville, Tennessee. Click HERE for the December 14, 2012 presentation to the State Funding Board.
Economics-Finance Working Papers Series Access to working papers of the Economics and Finance faculty at Middle Tennessee State University.
Narrative Biography Personal background
Administration Access to upper division forms and information on retention of Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarships
Contact Information Access office and phone numbers, e-mail and web site addresses, and office hours