Graduate Students

Some Publications with Graduate Students

Master Degree Students

1. Bradley Dyer
Thesis Title: Optimal Triangulation Algorithm and MatLab Implementation
Graduation Date: May 1999.
Publication: Bradley Dyer and Don Hong, An algorithm for optimal triangulations on $C^1$ quartic spline approximation and MatLab implementation, J. of Computational Analysis and Applications 5(2003), 25--43.
First Job: Instructor, Department of Math and Computer Sciences, Hazard Community College, Hazard, KY.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Math and Computer Sciences, Hazard Community College, Hazard, KY.

2. Yuchun (Anna) Mu
Thesis Title: Wavelets Construction over Triangulations
Graduate Date: August 1999.
Publication: Don Hong and Yuchun Anna Mu, On construction of minimum supported piecewise linear prewavelets over triangulations, In: " Wavelets and Multiresolution Methods," (T.X. He ed.), pp. 181--201, Marcel Decker Pub., New York, 2000.
First Job: Actuary, The St Paul Companies, Inc. 385 Washington Street St. Paul, MN 55102-9947.
Current Position: Actuary, Nationwide companies, property and casualty, Columbus, OH. Email: . FCAS, 2007

3. Hao Gu
Thesis Title: Wavelet Applications in Image Compression (MS in Computer Sciences, co-supervised with Martin Barrett)
Graduate Date: May, 2000.
Publication: Hao Gu, Don Hong , and M. Barrett, On still image compression, J. of Computational Analysis and Applications 5(2003), 45--75.
First Job: Software Engineer, Firstlogic, Inc. , Raleigh, NC.
Current Position: Lead Engineer - Software, PQSO Software Group, Eaton Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA. Email:

4. Renee Ferguson
Thesis Title: On Airline Revenue Optimization Problems (MS in Math)
Graduate Date: December 2000.
Publication: Renee Ferguson and Don Hong , On airline revenue optimization problems, J. Concrete and Applicable Math, 5 (2007), 153-167.
First Job and Current Position: Actuary, Office of the Chief Actuary, Social Security Administration, Baltimore, MD.
Current Position: Statistician, Office of Program Development and Research, Office of Retirement and Disability Policy, SSA, Baltimore, MD.

5. Andrew Sell
Thesis Title: A Punt Returner Location Problem in a Directionalizing Strategy (MS in Math, co-chaired with James Boland)
Graduate Date: December 2000.
First Job: Actuary, Merastar Insurance Company, PO Box 181101, Chattanooga, TN 37414-5336.
Current Position: Product Manager, Northeast Region Kemper Auto and Home, Jacksonville Beach, FL.

6. Lesley B. Reece
Thesis Title: On Random Rates of Interest
Graduate Date: May 2001.
First Job and Current Position: Actuary, Social Security Administration, Room 700 Altmeyer, 6401 Security Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21235.
Email: Lesley Reece

7. Rusell Mawk
Thesis Title: On Spline Applications to Statistics (MS in Math, co-chaired with Robert Price)
Graduate Date: May 2001.
First Job and Current Position: Actuary, Merastar Insurance Company, PO Box 181101, Chattanooga, TN 37414-5336.
Current Position: Actuary, First Acceptance Insurance Co Inc., Nashville, TN. Email: Rusty Mawk

8. Panrong Xiao
Thesis Title: Image compression using (bi-)orthogonal (spline) wavelets (MS in CS, co-chaired with Martin Barrett)
Graduate Date: May 2001.
Publication: Don Hong, Martin Barrett, and Panrong Xiao, Biorthogonal Spline Wavelets and EZW Coding for Image Compression, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Vol. 299 (Tarn, Tzyh-Jong; Chen, Shan-Ben; Zhou, Changjiu (Eds.)) , Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2004, pp.281--303.
First Job: Actuarial Analyst/DB Administrator, Lorraine Dorsa & Associates, Jacksonville Beach, FL.
Email: Panrong Xiao

9. Jiansheng Cao
Thesis Title: Construction of smooth wavelets over triangulations.
Graduate Date: August 2002.
Publication: Jiansheng Cao, Don Hong, and Wenjun Huang, Construction of Small Support Piecewise Linear Prewavelets over Type-2 Triangulations, In: Splines and Wavelets: Athens 2005 (G.R. Chen and M.J. Lai Eds.), pp. 105-122, Nashboro Press, Brentwood, 2006.
First Job: actuarial analyst/DB-Administrator, Lorraine Dorsa & Associates, Jacksonville Beach, FL.
Current Position: Pension Actuary, Pension Services, Inc., Miami, FL.
Current Position: Actuary at Pension Services, Inc., Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area Email: Jiansheng Cao

10. Qingbo Xue
Thesis Title: On bivariate piecewise linear wavelets over arbitrary triangulations.
Graduate Date: August 2002.
Publication: Don Hong and Qingbo Xue, Construction of Piecewise Linear Prewavelets over Regular Triangulations, Journal of Concrete and Applicable Mathematics, 4 (2006), 451-471.
First Job: Ph.D. Student, Department of Mathematics, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.
Current Position: Pension Actuary, The Nolan Company, Kansas City, KS.
Email: Qingbo Xue

11. Xiaoyu Mu
Thesis Title: Ruin probabilities with dependent force of interest.
Graduate Date: August 2003.
First Job: Teaching Assistant (Ph.D. Student), Department of Mathematics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.
Email: Xiaoyu Mu or

12. Yong Chen
Thesis Title: Logspline Density Estimation with an Application to Survival Data of Lung Cancer Patients
Graduate Date: August 2004.
First Job: Teaching Assistant, Department of Statistics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio 44106.
Current Position: Graduate Assistant, Quantitative and Computational Finance Program, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332.
Email: Yong Chen or

13. Shuo Chen
Thesis Title: Clustering Analysis of MALDI-TOF MS Data from Lung Cancer Patients
Graduate Date: December 2004.
Publication: Shuo Chen, Don Hong, and Yu Shyr, Wavelet-Based Procedures for Proteomic MS Data Processing, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 52 (2007), 211-220.

First Job: Bioinformatics Systems Engineer, Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. Email: Shuo Chen

14. Xingchen Yuan
Thesis Title: Survival Model and Estimation for Lung Cancer Patients
Graduate Date: May 2005.
Publication: Xingchen Yuan, Don Hong, and Yu Shyr, Survival Model and Estimation for Lung Cancer Patients, In: Quantitative Medical Data Analysis Using Math Tools and Statistical Techniques, pp. 201-222, World Scientific Publications, LLC., Singapore, 2007.
First Job: Engineer II, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), Chicago, IL.
Email: Xingchen Yuan

15. Kazem Karimi
Graduate Date: December 2007.
First Job: Actuary, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN.
Email: Kazem Karimi

16. Linda Chang
Graduate Date: May 2008.
Current Position: Associates at Bank of China, New York Branch. Email: Linda Chang

17. Adam Niblett
Graduate Date: December 2008.
Current Position: Math Instructor, Northeast Alabama Community College, Rainsville, Alabama. Email: Adam Niblett

18. Fengqing Zhang
Thesis Title: Multivariate Analysis Methods for IMS Data Biomarker Selection and Classification
Graduate Date: May 2010 .
Publication: D. Hong and F.Q. Zhang, Weighted Elastic-Net Model and Applications, Journal of Mathematical Modeling of Natural Phenomena, Vol. 5, No. 3, 2010, pp. 115-133.
First Job: PhD Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Statistics, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.
Email: Zoe Zhang
2011 CSGS Master's Thesis Award Recipient
Current Job: Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology, Drexel University

19. Rong Lu
Thesis Title: Optimal Weighted FBAT-Wilcoxon Test for Time-to-onset Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease
Graduate Date: May 2011 .
First Job: PhD Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Biostatistics, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
Email: Rong Lu
Current Job: Biostatistical Consultant III at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas.

20. John Ihrie
Graduate Date: May 2011.
First Job: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.
Email: John Ihrie
Current Position: Fellowship at the FDA, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE).

21. MSPS 2011 Actuarial Graduate: Kyle W. Crump

22. MS/MSPS 2012 Actuarial Graduates: Yingwei Li, Brent Osantowski, Bruce Williams, Harold D. Tuthill

23. MS/MSPS 2013 Actuarial Graduates: Brandon T. Samson, Wilhelmina Dabrah, Min Li, Yu-Cheng Lin, Ying Peng, Caleb Shimberg Lianlian Zhou, Mengjia Zhou, Taotao Ding, Safder Khan, Jianxin Yang, Houston Higgs

24. MS/MSPS 2014 Actuarial Graduates: Cliff W. Bowman, Lauren Chrisman, Ryan Farar, Dimple Mirpuri, Wuyan Li, Ningyuan Liang, Chuanlun Liu, Gabriel Owiredu-Boateng, James F. Walls, Alemayehu Z. Wolde, Yini Yu, Lucy Zhang, Tian Zhang, Menghan (Sarah) Lin, and

  • Le Yin, MS Thesis/Project: Trend Analysis Methods and Algorithms, May 2014.
  • Ye Ye, MS Thesis/Project: Tail Conditional Expectations for Extended Exponential Dispersion Models, August 2014.

    25. MS/MSPS 2015 Actuarial Graduates: Adam French, Kimberly N. Page, Zixun Qin, Jennifer M. Seat, Sirr Tiekeu, Shuzhe Xu, Haoxuan Zhang

    26. MS/MSPS 2016 Actuarial Graduates: Sule Dauda, Shelly Williams, Lan Wang, Tianyi Wei, Yunzhu Yang, Lianlian Zhou, Rachel Perri, Qin Zhou, Qing Zhuang, Guirong Fan, Andrew Santi, Kelab Short, and


    27. MS/MSPS 2017 Actuarial Graduates: Stephen Henderson, Donaldson Peay, Jessica Small, Mengyu Chen, Brent Carpenetti, Bowen Hou, Joseph Thomas, Xinwei Zhang

    28. MS/MSPS 2018 Actuarial Graduates: Holden French, Alex Boehm, Shannon Ghee, Kristin Wood, Zhixin Zhang, Mengxuan Wang, Shang Wang, Ning Tu, Li Kang, Hongli Li, William Puckett, Hanyuan Zhu, and


  • Ph. D. Degree Students

    1. Lu (Gary) Xiong
    Ph.D. Dissertation: Statistical Computing Schemes for Proteomics Data Processing and Insurance Solvency Modeling, Graduate Date: December 2014.
    Current Position: Research Associate, Emory School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA. Email: Lu Xiong.

    2. Xin Yang
    Ph.D. Dissertation: Machine Learning Techniques for High-dimensional Neuroimaging Data Analysis, Graduate Date: August 2016.
    First Job: Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia, AR 71753. Email: Xin Yang

    3. Jingsai Liang
    Ph.D. Dissertation: Regularized Statistical Techniques for High Dimensional Medical Imaging Data Processing, Graduate Date: May 2017.
    First Job: Assistant Professor of Data Science, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UT . Email: Jingsai Liang

    4. Filmon Gebreyesus
    Ph.D. Dissertation: Voice to Text Recognition For Tigrigna, Graduate Date: December 2018 (expected).
    Email: Filmon Gebreyesus

    5. Gabriel Toban
    Email: Gabriel Toban

    6. Shuzhe Xu
    Ph.D. Dissertation: TBA
    Graduate Date: August 2020 (expected).
    Email: Shuzhe Xu

    Visiting Scholars:

  • Professor Aidi Wu, China Petroleum University , August, 1998 -- August, 1999.

  • Professor Lutai Guan, Zhongshan University , August, 1999 -- August, 2000.

  • Professor Wenjun Huang, Guangxi University of Nationality, August, 2004 -- December, 2005.

  • Professor Zhongqing Cheng, China University of Mining and Technology, May 5, 2010 -- May 4, 2011.

  • Professor Zhihui Yang, North China University of Technology, June 1, 2010 -- August 29, 2010.

  • Professor Xiaomin Zhang, Ningbo University , August. 25, 2010 -- December 24, 2010.

  • Professor Wei Wang , Ningbo University , August. 25, 2013 -- December 24, 2013.

  • Professor Jianfeng Li , Ningbo University , August. 25, 2013 -- December 24, 2013.

  • Professor Huimin Zhao , Tianjin University , March 20, 2015 -- March 20, 2016.

  • Professor Songjing Wang , Ningbo University , September 25, 2017 -- March 24, 2018.