Dr. Hong's Research Group

Graduate Students (click here to see a complete list of my graduate students.

  • MS Students: Cliff Bowman, Brent Carpenetti, Sarah Lin, Wilhelmina McDonald, Tania Pierce, Ying Peng, Caleb Shimberg, Ye Ye, Le Yin

  • Ph.D. Students: Filmon Hagos Gebreyesus, Jingsai Liang, Lu Xoing, Shuzhe Xu, Xin Yang

  • Faculty Collaborators: Drs. Hyrum Carroll, Jeff Leblond, Cen Li, Bill Robertson, John Wallin, Qiang Wu, Xiaoya Zha

    Recent MS Graduates:

  • 2013 MS in Actuarial and Financial Math graduates: Taotao Ding, Hoston Higgs, Safder Khan, Yinwei Li, Jianxin Yang .

  • 2012-13 MSPS ACSI graduates: Sulemana Duda, Min Li, Brent R. Osantowski, Ying Peng, Brandon T. Samson, Harold Tuthill, Bruce Williams, Lianlian Zhou, Mengjia Zhou.

  • Rong Lu , BS in Mathematics, Nanjing Normal University , MS thesis work on A nonparametric phenotypic coding of the univariate family-based association test statistic in late times-to-onset analysis, graduation date: May 2011.

  • John D. Ihrie , BS in Engineering Technology, Middle Tennessee State University , MSPS in biostatistics, research work on web-based data mining tools for cancer research, graduation date: May 2011.

  • Fengqing Zhang , BS in Electrical Engineering, Beihang University , MS thesis: Multivariate Analysis Methods for IMS Data Biomarker Selection and Classification , Graduation date: May 2010.

    Recent Visiting Scholars (2010-- current)

  • Professor Zhongqing Cheng, China University of Mining and Technology, May 5, 2010 -- May 4, 2011.

  • Professor Zhihui Yang, North China University of Technology, June 1, 2010 -- August 29, 2010.

  • Professor Xiaomin Zhang, Ningbo University , August. 25, 2010 -- December 24, 2010.

  • Professor Wei Wang , Ningbo University , August. 25, 2013 -- December 24, 2013.

  • Professor Jianfeng Li , Ningbo University , August. 25, 2013 -- December 24, 2013.