Major in Finance: Insurance Concentration

Those pursuing the Insurance concentration must include FIN 3610, FIN 3910, FIN 4110, FIN 4750, 3 hours of Insurance electives, 3 hours of Finance electives, and 3 hours of Economics and Finance electives. This concentration also must include 6 hours from the following: FIN 3660, FIN 3710, FIN 4710, and FIN 4730. FIN 3660 and FIN 4710 lead toward the CLU examinations and FIN 3710 and FIN 4730 lead toward the CPCU examinations.

FIN 3610 General Insurance. Three credits. Prerequisite: Junior standing. The principles of risk and risk bearing; insurance carriers; survey of principles of life, health and accident, fire, marine, and automobile insurance policies; government regulation of insurance.

FIN 3660 Life Insurance and Health Insurance. Three credits. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Problems of purchaser and seller; critical investigation of life and health insurance with emphasis on social and economic aspects.

FIN 3710 Property and Casualty Insurance. Three credits. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Scope and fundamentals of property and liability insurance; analysis of contracts, rating, underwriting, insurers, and loss of adjustment requirements and procedures.

FIN 3910 Computer Applications in Finance. Three credits. Prerequisites: INFS 3100; ECON 2420; FIN 3010 or 3000. Employing a computer in economics and financial decision making. Covers spreadsheets, object-relational database management systems, and data warehousing.

FIN 4110 Managerial Finance. Three credits. Prerequisite: FIN 3010 with a minimum grade of C (2.00). A case course emphasizing the financial aspects of management. Topics include financial statement analysis, working capital management, capital budgeting, and cost of capital.

FIN 4710 Insurance in Estate Planning. Three credits. Prerequisite: FIN 3610. Insurance as it may relate to estate planning examined in detail. Focus on estate planning principles including the problems of estate liquidity, taxation, governmental regulation, and costs involved in handling estates. Also included are ownership provisions and beneficiary designations, settlement options, and trusts.

FIN 4730 Insurance Company Operations. Three credits. Prerequisite: FIN 3610. Insurance marketing, underwriting, reinsurance, rate making, claims adjusting, loss control activities, and other functions and activities.

FIN 4750 Risk Management. Three credits. Prerequisite: FIN 3610. Analysis of major sources of liability loss exposures and the insurance coverages designed to meet those exposures. Noninsurance techniques such as loss control and risk transfer also discussed.