Elyce Rae Helford, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Affiliate Faculty in Women's Studies

Middle Tennessee State University


Office: Peck Hall 361

Office Phone: 615/898-5961

Email: ehelford@mtsu.edu



Teaching and Research Areas:


Why I Teach: A Brief Statement


Curriculum Vitae


Current Research Projects:

Gender in the Films of George Cukor: I am currently writing on the films of Hollywood's only "out" gay studio director, with emphasis on gender performance.  Multiple articles (and/or a future book) address representations of masculinity and femininity, sexuality and desire, heteronormativity and queerness.


American Fandom and Japanese Manga/Anime: Through ethnographic data including online surveys and interactive experience with fan fiction writers (primarily women), I am exploring the ways in which American fans make use and meaning from popular Japanese texts.



Most recent update: August 2011