a few words about us

The Flying Raiders

The Middle Tennessee Flying Raiders have their origin in the Alpha Eta Rho fraternity. At first Alpha Eta Rho was an all guy's fraternity but eventually got women involved. This now created two organizations, Alpha Eta Rho and the Flying Sisters. After a short time, they both wanted to start a flight team for the purpose of competing in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association's competitions. Thus, the MTSU Flying Raiders were formed. In 1993, the MTSU Flying Raiders opened the team up to the whole university to get more than just aerospace competitors. The competitors began to range from math majors to physics majors. Also this allowed students not in Alpha Eta Rho or the Flying Sisters to become a competitor. After a short while, the flight team got so large that it is now a completely separate entity from Alpha Eta Rho.

Recently, the team has been going under a lot of renovation. The team has recently launched it's much needed new website. Also, the newly revised constitution is being put into place to structure the team. The team has become more organized, prepared, and better trained for upcoming NIFA Airmeets. With experienced coaches and officers, the Flying Raiders expect to place in upcoming regional competitions. With all this, the team is in the process of getting new members to bring onto the team.

The current Flying Raiders team has members from all sorts of different concentrations, not just Aerospace. There are physics majors and Engineering majors on the team. This goes to show you that you do not need to be a pilot or an Aerospace major to be a part of the Flying Raiders.

For the future, the Flying Raiders are trying to grow in size and place higher in all events. As always, the Flying Raiders strive to be the best of the best.