2008 Competition
MTSU recently completed the 2008 SAE Formula Competition in Alton, Virginia with great success and accomplishments.  This is the second year that MTSU has participated in the SAE Formula Competition.

2008 Team
Matt Bush, Michael Potts, Kevin Morrison, Randy Winston, Andres Valdes, Craig Beard, Ernesto Bustos, Jacob Gonzalez, and Paxton Jones.Former students Scott Oetjen and J.T. Tapp also returned to MTSU to help oversee this years project



MTSU's Engineering Technology Department has formed a student organization to compete in the Formula SAE competitions. The students design and build the vehicles which they later race. The vehicles are open wheeled racers and must adhere to strict guidelines set forth by SAE.  Entries are judged not only by their performance on the track, but also by their technical and engineering innovation, with consideration given to project budget and timeline.  Teams are also required to show manufacturability of their concept, and must prove their design on its merits before proving it on the track.
Congratulations Formula Team on your recent success!!