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24 Aug 2014 All A C or better in FIN 3010 Business Finance is required in order to register for:
  • FIN 3950 Intermediate Financial Management
  • FIN 4110 Managerial Finance
  • FIN 6710 Financial Analysis
26 Aug 2014 FIN 3010 Sec 005 (M evening) Corrected syllabus (assignment dates after 10/27) posted.
10 Sep 2014 FIN 3010 All Connect homework (online) assignments due before Exam 1 (Chapters 1-5) are now available.
16 Sep 2014 FIN 3010 Checklist for Exam 1 updated.
18 Sep 2014 FIN 3010 Finance Tutoring Lab now open: hours and location.
If you do not accept the FIN 3010 Policy Statement (link), you will fail the class.
21 Sep 2014 FIN 3010 Syllabus updated to correct end-of-chapter Q&P assignments for Chapter 6 (both Bond Valuation and Interest Rates).
05 Oct 2014 FIN 3010 Interest Rate problem set uploaded.
07 Oct 2014 FIN 3010 Interest Rate problem set updated. (Added answers.)
Checklist for Exam 2 updated.
22 Oct 2014 FIN 3010 All remaining Connect assignments now available.
23 Oct 2014 All Finance Tutoring Lab hours expanded.
27 Oct 2014 FIN 3010 Checklist for Exam 3 updated.
29 Oct 2014 FIN 3010 Stock Valuation problem set uploaded.
30 Oct 2014 All Finance Tutoring Lab hours updated.
FIN 3010 Stock Valuation problem set updated (added some intermediate results).
Checklist for Exam 4 updated.
Checklist for Final Exam updated.
31 Oct 2014 FIN 3010 Cost of Capital problem set (on this site, not Connect) updated.
16 Nov 2014 FIN 3010 Final Exam memo updated.
23 Nov 2014

FIN 3010 Room Assignments for Departmental Final Exam
  • Last names beginning with A-N: LRC 221.
  • Last names beginning with O-Z: BAS S102 (State Farm lecture hall).


  • Arrive by 5:45 PM.
  • You will need your M-number.
  • Only approved calculators are acceptable.
  • You will NOT be allowed to have any backpacks, cell phones, smartphones, etcetera with you while taking the exam
  • A zero will be reported for the final exam grade for any student who takes the final but has not submitted the survey.
02 Dec 2014 FIN 3010 Connect averages (points/300) posted to D2L. (Erroneous zeroes have been corrected.)
09 Dec 2014 FIN 3010 Final exam scores posted on D2L.

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