Dr. Grant E. Gardner
Assistant Professor
P: 615.898.2062
F: 615.898.5093
2149 Science Building
Dept. of Biology, MTSU Box 60
Murfreesboro, TN 37132


Biology is a rich and conceptually integrated field. How can students at all levels develop an appreciation for biology and be given opportunities to maximize their learning? Moreso, how can educators be prepared to facilitate this learning? My students and I study just a few aspects of these broad issues.

We conduct discipline-centered education research in the field of biology. We have a diversity of research foci situated in the complex classroom ecology formed between interactions of students, instructors, and biology content within various formal and informal learning environments.

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My specific research interests are in three areas:

  • Examining instructor knowledge, beliefs, and implementation efficacy of research based instructional strategies and the impact of professional development on these practices in high school and post-secondary classrooms
  • Interactions of student and teacher goal orientations on teaching and learning in biology
  • Student attitudes and perceptions of emerging technologies

I am always interested in talking to highly-motivated potential graduate students. Check out the
Math Science Education Ph.D. program at MTSU or the M.S. in Biology for more information. You can view current and previous members of our research group here.

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