Topic 1: What is Gerontology? Hiller and Barrow, Chapter 1
Topic 2: Ageism, Age Stereotypes, Age Prejudice, and Age DiscriminationHiller and Barrow, Chapter 2
Topic 3: Age Related Demographic Trends Profile of Older Americans 2007
Topic 4: Diversity Among the Elderly Hiller and Barrow, Chapter 14

Physical (Biological) Aging

Topic 5: The Aging Body Hiller and Barrow, Chapter 7 and Chapter 6 pages 144-154
Topic 6: Physical Health in Later Life NCHS Data and Statistics on Older Americans
Topic 7: The Aged and the Health Care System

Mental (Psychological) Aging

Topic 8: Adult Development and Aging Hiller and Barrow, Chapter 3 
Topic 9: Mental Health in Later Life Hiller and Barrow, Chapter 11 & Chapter 13 pp. 336-337 & 319-323
Topic 10: The Aged and Mental Health Care AAGP Fact Sheet

Exam 1

Social Aspects of Aging

Topic 11: Aging in Social ContextHiller an Barrow, Chapter 4
Topic 12: Housing and Living Arrangements Hiller and Barrow, Chapter 10
Topic 13: Family and Friends in Late LifeHiller and Barrow, Chapter 6 pp. 131-143 and Chapter 5 pp. 114-120
Topic 14: Caregiving in the Family ContextHiller and Barrow, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 pp. 328-329
Topic 15: The Elderly in the CommunityHiller and Barrow, Chapter 5 pp. 121-126.
Topic 16: Work, Retirement, and Finances Hiller and Barrow, Chapters 8 and 9
Topic 17: Politics and Power Hiller and Barrow, Chapter 16


Topic 18: The End of Life Hiller and Barrow, Chapter 15 
Topic 19: Aging and the Aged in the Future  

Exam 2