Introduction to Sociological Research

Topic 1 Research in Sociology Neuman, Chapter 1
Topic 2 Basic and Applied Research Neuman, Chapter 2

Research Design Fundamentals

Topic 3 Research Topics and Questions Assignment 1 Neuman, Chapter 4
Topic 4 Hypotheses and Sensitizing Concepts  
Topic 5 Observation and Measurement Neuman, Chapter 5
Topic 6 Sampling Neuman, Chapter 6
Topic 7 Ethics in Social Research Neuman, Chapter 3

Quantitative Research Methods

Topic 8 Designing Experimental Research Assignment 2a Neuman, Chapter 8
Topic 9 Designing Survey Research Assignment 2b Neuman, Chapter 7
Topic 10 Designing Research Using Existing Data Assignment 2c Neuman, Chapter 9
Topic 11 Designing Content Analysis Assignment 2d  
Topic 12 Analyzing Quantitative Data Neuman, Chapter 10

Qualitative Research Methods

Topic 13 Designing Case Study Research Assignment 3a  
Topic 14 Designing Research Using In Depth Interviewing Assignment 3b  
Topic 15 Designing Ethnographic Field Research Assignment 3c Neuman, Chapter 11
Topic 16 Designing Historical/Comparative Research Assignment 3d Neuman, Chapter 12
Topic 17 Analyzing Qualitative Data Neuman, Chapter 13

Doing Research

Topic 18 Writing Research Proposals, Conducting Research, and Publishing Findings Neuman, Chapter 14