Article Selections and Approximate Due Dates


1. Rose Lamb Cose, "The Family: Its Structure and Fucntion" (6/7)
2. Dorothy Smith, "The Standard North American Family as an Ideological Code" (6/7)
3. Paul Cantor, "The Simpsons: Atomistic Politics and the Nuclear Family" (6/7)

Mating and Reproduction

4. Kingsley Davis, "Jealousy and Sexual Property: An Illustration."  (6/7)
5. Eva Illouz, "An All Consuming Love."  (6/7)
6. Erich Goode, "Gender and Courtship Entitlement: Responses to Personal Ads."  (6/7)
7. Pepper Schwartz and Virginia Rutter, "Teenage Sexuality."  (6/7)
8. Harriet Martineau, "Marriage."  (6/8)
9. Pamela Smock, "Cohabitation in the United States."  (6/8)
10. Stephanie Coontz, "The Future of Marriage."  (6/8)
11. Angela Bolte, "Do Wedding Dresses Come in Lavendar?"  (6/8)
12.Leta Hollingworth, "Social Devices for Impelling Women to Bear and Rear Children."  (6/12)
13. John Gillis, "Mothers Giving Birth to Motherhood."  (6/12)
14.Susan Walzer, "Thinking About the Baby."  (6/12)
15. Barbara Katz Rothman, "Daddy Plants a Seed: Personhood Under Patriarchy."  (6/12)

Children and Parenting

16. Margaret Mead, "Sex and Temperament." (6/14)
17. Betty Farrell, "Childhood."  (6/14)
18. Michele Adams and Scott Coltrane, "Boys and Men in Families." (6/14)
19.Elizabeth Cady Stanton, "Motherhood."  (6/15)
20.Bonnie Thorton Dill, "Fictive Kin, Paper Sons, and Compadrazgo." (6/15)
21.Pierrette Hondagneu Sotelo and Ernestine Avila, "The Meanings of Latina Transnational Motherhood." (6/15)
22. Jessie Bernard, "The Good-Provider Role: Its Rise and Fall."  (6/19)
23. Nicholas Townsend, "Marriage, Work and Fatherhood in Men's Lives." (6/19)
24. Susan Faludi, "A Christian Quest for Manhood."  (6/19)

Family Dynamics and Diversity

25. Melvin Kohn, "The Effects of Social Class on Parental Values."  (6/20)
26. Lillian Rubin, "Families on the Fault Line."  (6/20)
27. Francine Deutsch, "Equality Works."  (6/20)
28. Christopher Carrington, "The Political Economy of Constructing Family."  (6/20)
29. John Stuart Mill, "Early Essays on Marriage and Divorce."  (6/21)
30. Karla Hackstaff, "Wives' Marital Work in a Culture of Divorce."  (6/21)
31. Demie Kurz, "How Marriages End."  (6/21)
32. Jessie Bernard, "Remarriage."  (6/22)
33. Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, "Research on Stepparenting Families."  (6/22)
34. Stephen D. Sugarman, "Single Parent Families."  (6/22)
35. Christine Ward Gailey, "Adoptive Families in the United States."  (6/22)

Dynamics and Diversity Continued

36. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, "The Man-Made Family."  (6/28)
37. Neil Jacobson and John Gottman, "Basic Facts about Battering: Myths vs. Realities."  (6/28)
38. Murray Straus, "Ten Myths That Perpetuate Corporal Punishment."  (6/28)
39. Kingsley Davis, "The Sociology of Parent-Youth Conflict."  (6/28)
40. Karen Pyke, "'The Normal American Family' as an Interpretive Structure of Family Life Among Grown Children of Korean and Vietnamese Immigrants."  (6/29)
41. John Logan and Glenna Spitze, "Extending the Family."  (6/29)
42. Nancy Hooyman and Judith Gonyea, "Defining Family Policy."  (7/3)
43. Sharon Hays, "Work, the Family, and Welfare."  (7/3)
44. Sandra Hofferth, Deborah Phillips, and Natasha Cabrera, "Public Policy and Family and Child Well-Being."  (7/3)
45. Evelyn Nakano Glenn, "Creating a Caring Society."  (7/3)