SOC 4500/5500 Reading Selections List

Listed below are the readings you may summarize and present to class. A similar list will be circulated in class during the first week on which you may write your name in the blank next to readings you wish to present. You are required to select two readings. After everyone has selected two, you may then select additional readings to present for extra credit on a "first come, first served" basis. If someone else has chosen a reading you were interested in, you must choose an alternative. The presentations are due when the topics under which they are listed are being discussed in class. You should be prepared to present at that time. You are expected to turn in a one to two page summary or outline at the time of your presentation. The presentation should last 5-10 minutes and should include a summary of the reading and a discussion of how it relates to the class. The readings listed below are from two books on reserve in the library. The books are Inside Social Life: Readings in Sociological Psychology and Microsociology by Spencer Cahill and The Production of Reality: Essays and Readings on Social Interaction, edited by O'Brien and Kollock.

Readings for Topics 1 and 2:

  1. Neurology and the Soul (Cahill, Selection 1)
  2. Culture and Human Nature (Cahill, Selection 2)
  3. Islands of Meaning (Cahill, Selection 3)
  4. The Development of Language and Thought (Cahill, Selection 8)
  5. A Clue to the Nature of Man: The Symbol (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 6)
  6. The Importance of the Symbol (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 7)
  7. Metaphors We Live By (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 12)
  8. Mindfulness and Mindlessness (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 14)
  9. Changes in Default Words and Images/A Person Paper on Purity in Language (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 15)
  10. Racism in the English Language (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 16)

Readings for Topics 3 and 4:

  1. Fashioning Gender Identity (Cahill, Selection 6)
  2. Narratives of the Codependent Self (Cahill, Selection 7)
  3. The Gloried Self (Cahill, Selection 13)
  4. Salvaging the Self from Homelessness (Cahill, Selection 14)
  5. Constructing Transsexual Selves (Cahill, Selection 15)
  6. Taking Anti-Depressant Drugs (Cahill, Selection 33)
  7. The Dissolution of the Self (Cahill, Selection 36)
  8. Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 9)
  9. The Madam as Teacher: The Training of House Prostitutes (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 23)
  10. The Production of Selves in Personal Relationships (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 29)
  11. Creating the Ex-Role (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 32)

Readings for Topics 5 and 6:

  1. The Social Basis of Drug-Induced Experience (Cahill, Selection 9)
  2. The Social Shaping of Grief (Cahill, Selection 10)
  3. Managing Emotions in Medical School (Cahill, Selection 11)
  4. The Interaction Order of Public Bathrooms (Cahill, Selection 17)
  5. Wheelchair Users' Interpersonal Management of Emotions (Cahill, Selection 18)
  6. The Organization of Conversation (Cahill, Selection 19)
  7. Uncoupling (Cahill, Selection 20)
  8. Sympathy Biography and Relationships (Cahill, Selection 21)
  9. Popularity and Friendship Among Adolescent Girls (Cahill, Selection 22)
  10. The Social Contexts of Illness (Cahill, Selection 23)
  11. Behavior in Public Places (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 25)
  12. "Precarious Situations" in a Strip Club (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 26)
  13. Self-Fulfilling Prophesies (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 36)
  14. When Belief Creates Reality (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 37)
  15. Pygmalion in the Classroom (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 38)
  16. On Being Sane in Insane Places (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 39)

Readings for Topics 7 and 8

  1. Social Structure and Experience (Cahill, Selection 24)
  2. Culture Creation and Diffusion Among Preadolescents (Cahill, Selection 25)
  3. Everyday Life in a Nursing Home (Cahill, Selection 26)
  4. Working and Resisting at Route Restaurant (Cahill, Selection 27)
  5. Society in Action (Cahill, Selection 28)
  6. Borderwork Among Girls and Boys (Cahill, Selection 29)
  7. The Black Male in Public (Cahill, Selection 30)
  8. Managing Emotions in an Animal Shelter (Cahill, Selection 31)
  9. The Moral Career of the Mental Patient (Cahill, Selection 32)
  10. The Rise and Fall of the Freeway Shooting Problem (Cahill, Selection 34)
  11. Nazi Doctors at Auschwitz (Cahill, Selection 35)
  12. Five Features of Reality (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 33)
  13. A Conception of and Experiments with "Trust" (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 34)
  14. The Social Construction of Unreality (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 35)
  15. The Discovery of Hyperkinesis (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 40)
  16. The Persistence of Gender Inequality in Employment Settings (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 42)
  17. Double-Consciousness and the Veil (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 44)
  18. Talking Back (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 53)
  19. Because Silence is Costly (O'Brien and Kollock, Selection 54)