Exam 5 Study Questions

  1. How is the production and maintenance of culture at the macro-societal level similar to and different from that at the micro-interactional level? What is the role of power at the macro-societal level? What is the role of the mass media?

  2. What are social movements? What is their role in producing/changing mass culture? How do social movements emerge, develop and evolve? Be sure to include a discussion of the role of claims-making, counter-claims, power, and the mass media in your answer.

  3. Discuss the general nature of historical and cultural change in western culture since the Enlightenment. How would you typify or describe contemporary western culture? Do you see the historical patterns mentioned above continuing into the future or are there forces at work in contemporary culture that you think will dramatically alter the future?

  4. Is real social change possible? Can individuals change modern mass culture in any meaningful way? If not, why not? If so, how? Is it possible to eliminate racial inequality, sexual inequality, poverty, violence, crime, etc.? Why or why not? What would it take to do so?